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Dianabol Tablets on Sale - Which Popular Dbol Pills Brands Do You Know?

Dianabol Tablets on Sale - Which Popular Dbol Pills Brands Do You Know?

Here are some of the most well-known Dianabol tablets. Learn more about these brands and their history.

Dianabol was one of the first steroids bodybuilders used for their strength in the gym.

It is also known as Dbol and was developed originally in Germany by Ciba Specialty Chemicals during the 1960s.

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Although the brand name Dianabol has been discontinued, many brands of Dbol are available for athletes and bodybuilders who want to bulk up quickly.

There are many popular brands of Dianabol available for purchase, including Meditech, Anabol 5, Naposim and La-Pharma.

Let's take a look at these top-selling Dianabol brands.


Meditech produces dark yellow, octagon-shaped Dianabol tablets. They have a strength of 10 mg. The tablets come in white HDPE plastic bottles and are sealed inside.

Each bottle contains 100 tablets.

Meditech Human Pharma is a leading company that produces high-end performance enhancing medicines.

Anabol 5

Anabol 5 tablets come in rounded and colored capsules.

Nutrex, a 13 year-old company that is a major player in the dietary supplements market, produces Anabol 5.

Its headquarters, covering 80,000 square feet, is located in Oviedo (Florida).


A comprehensive review of Dianabol tablets about Naposim is what you will find.

This Dbol brand is manufactured by Terapia, a Romanian company. A 50-euro bottle of 200 5mg tablets is available. Naposim was a popular product in the 1990s.


Although it is blue, the Dianabol tablets from La Pharma are identical to Anabol 5's.

La Pharma Dbol typically contains 100 tablets. Each tablet has a strength of 10 mg.

Thaiger Pharma

Thaiger Pharma's Dianabol tablet can also be called Methoral 10 by the company. The company is located in Hong Kong. A Methoral 10 box contains 100 tablets. Each tablet has a concentration of 10 mg.


Geneza's Dbol tablets are triangular-shaped tablets with a blue color. Each box contains 100 methandrostenolone tablets. They have a strength or concentration of 10 mg.

Geneza Pharmaceuticals, an underground laboratory, is located in Moldova.

D-Bal Tablets

Crazy Bulk manufactures and distributes D-Bal. It is recommended for men who wish to increase muscle mass and reduce body fat.

A bottle of DBal includes 90 pills. One tablet has a 25 mg concentration.

D-Bal can last up to a month if taken as directed, 75 mg per day.

Atlas Pharma

Atlas Pharma sells Dianabol tablets at a concentration 10 mg. Each bottle contains 100 tablets.

Atlas Pharmaceuticals is located in Stockholm, Sweden. It is right in the middle of Sweden's biotech and pharmaceutical hubs.

It is well-known for its emphasis on hormone deficiencies. The company also offers products to reduce the signs of aging and treat osteoporosis.

British Dragon

British Dragon tablets come in pink colors. British Dragon Dbol pills come in a white pouch, unlike most Dianabol tablets which are shipped in plastic bottles.

British Dragon Dbol pills have been the most popular brand of Dianabol for many years. The company was established in Pattaya in Thailand in 1999.

The majority of ingredients used by the company to mix with their compounds came from China. The company's owners were arrested in 2008. The company now operates from an unspecified territory.


Anahexia is one among many Dianabol brands that originate from Asia. Jinan Pharmaceutical, based in China, manufactures this brand. This company was established in 2006.

Anahexia tabets contain a concentration of only 10 mg. Anahexia tabets come in 100-tablet boxes. These can be purchased online from many stores.


This brand of Dianabol is made by Akrikhin.

You can see that there are many Dianabol brands available online as well as on the black market. Because of the many options available, it won't be difficult to source Dbol.

To maximize your gains and avoid side effects, you should be familiar with the dosing instructions for Dbol.

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